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Severne Gator ::
Windsport, Spring 2006

Severne introduces the Gator as an ultradurable, fast freeride option. Billed as the "NCX on steroids," it offers all the speed and stability of the NCX with an all-grid construction. Severne has developed a concept called "rig ergonomics," through the complete analysis of a working sail to help provide a comfortable, balanced feel for all.

The Gator 8.0 is a top-speed-oriented no cam built to excel on today's wideboards. Preferring to be powered, its acceleration is solid as it races up to top speed in no time. The Gator shows no fear of sizeable gusts, holding its speed and crisp feel no matter what is thrown at it. Its cutaway clew makes for a shorter boom, allowing for easier trim work and better manoeuvrability.

Testers find the Gator works best when downhauled a little past spec. Tune it up to get the centre-of-effort positioned where you like it, then leave it alone. The Gator will do the rest of the work for you.

Severne's new proprietary materials give the Gator amazing looks and durability without increasing rig weight. Priced right, it offers excellent value for speed and anyone looking for a durable slalom blaster.

With a higher foot and shorter boom, the Gator offers more manoeuvre-oriented slalom performance than the NCX, a lightweight pure slalom blaster.

Bottom line: Extremely stable, very fast.

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